Friday, 22 January 2010

The curse of candida

I have had candida for the whole time I have been ill and I thought I had got over it but just lately it has come back with a vengeance.  So I started back on candigest+ a supplement which seems to cut back the candida but at present anything I eat seems to flare up the candida, I seem to be ok for so long but then if I go mad like eating mushrooms, bread or chocolate then I have to pay for it.  I also find that taking apple cider vinegar helps there is so info on this Earth Clinic on how to take this.  It also works well for throat infections or colds so worth a try as of course it's natural.

Not doing well......

I am not doing well at moment hence been quiet on my blog, I have not much of positive to tell you just that I am in a relapse and not sure how to get myself back to where I was so I am giving myself a break till I find a solution.
I am not doing Reverse therapy anymore and I do feel that I need to get back to it as I know it helped a lot but I suffer with SAD and it has been really bad this time of year and I have no motivation at present.