Sunday, 18 January 2009

Craft Aft

Well Friday was when I'd arranged the craft aft at local fire station as I mentioned in previous post. I was not in the mood but I had up to 20 people I'd invited so could not let them down and knew it would take my mind off how dreadful I felt. Plus I had been looking forward to it too for a month. I was so glad I did not cancel there was about 13 people came, ranging in age from 5 months old to 70! Some brought knitting others sewing, I took card stash so I could demo some card things and a couple wanted to do that so I showed them how to do a card and they did one they were happy they had done it and said it was nothing like as complicated as they had thought it would be, despite them doing an advanced technique that I only just tried first time other day! It was 1-4pm I was glad to get home as was ready for a rest by then. I have booked it monthly for the year so something nice to look forward to:)
I've had a hacking cough this weekend which has prevented me from sleeping so feeling rough but looking forward to getting into my exercise routine and thinking of going to local gym, can't remember how many years since I ever stepped in a gym, a friend told me she has just joined and so I thought why not go along, I probably won't be joining though at £20/month

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Staying in Bodymind

This is the hardest part for me to master as it takes real effort to motivate yourself to do it and it's a constand battle against head-mind but when I do it it does help so much and I know it's the key to recovery. If you download the free info from the RT site I highly recommend it as if at present you don't feel ready to go for the therapy or perhaps you are unable to afford it then at least you can be trying it out for free!
I personally feel that it is essential to see a therapist you get the support and encouragement to put it into practise and also in the beginning to know what your specific messages are that are unique to you I would never have worked it this out for myself. Think of how much money you have spent so far on therapies that only seem to scratch the surface and think you potentially only need 4-6 sessions at £80 per time to recover, no other therapy has that potential that I know of anyway so I think it is money well worth spending. Previous therapies I've tried such as Osteopathy take months and months and then it seems unless you keep going you tend to go downhill again. RT gives you the tools to get well and it's just about using them, it is empowering that you can have such control over your illness without just popping a vitamin pill or having a massage. That in itself gives you the motivation to continue. Though I do feel you need to be ready for it as it requires change and challenging long-held false beliefs of the way to get well or manage your illness.

Got a cold

I woke up Monday with my shoulders aching and sore throat, I knew it was only a matter of time as hubby has had it for a week now and parents have it too. Anyway I decided not to get really stressed and head-mindy about it, how bad I feel etc etc as I know that only increases the feeling. So I dosed my self up with garlic, lemon, ginger and honey tea and echineacea and goldenseal tincture. I ran out of Olive leaf extract I take that all the time and it seems to help ward off things. Anyway I also got my acupressure book I can highly recommend it - Acupressure How to Cure Common Ailments the Natural Way by Michael Reed Gach - get your copy now it's a fantastic book and there seems to be something to help everything in there and it does work too! I did some points when I was up in the night and when I woke up this morning I felt improved.
I actually have the 1990 copy but see there is an updated one now. I also use it for PMT and periods I plan to do it daily then 3 times a day the week before it does seem to take the edge of the hormones and the pain. I also do it during to help my menstrual pain rather than taking pain killers which I hate to take unless absolutely necessary.

I hope I am okay by Friday as I have organised a craft group for up to 20 people at local fire station I would hate to let everyone down

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Just to say

I am not going to blog much as Lyn says I need to concentrate on getting myself well before trying to help others but I will blog from time to time to give you updates, assuming someone is reading this!!! I still need to get to grips with expressing my emotions, it's hard to know what to say so sometimes I don't say things as I feel it is easier to not do so I need to work out how to say things in the right way. This is central to the therapy so if I can't do it then it won't work as it should. The other aspects are really all side issues to it, though they are vital too they are not as vital as the expressing emotions. I also need to keep finding new fun things to do in my day and work towards my goal of either going back to work or finding a way of making a bit of money at home, I want to try and design some things for crafters as this is my passion so I know I would enjoy doing it. It would also be easy money without draining me of too much energy then I can concentrate on what I love most.

My 4th Session

What a day I had on Thursday! I’ve had quite an adventure, I left home at 9.30 and got home at 4ish, I rang mum and dad on way as dad was worried sick about me I felt like a teenager again ringing my parents to say I got there okay lol
At the first station this friendly man told me what to do at station as I had booked online so had to get ticket at station, I got a bit lost finding machine so went in office and the man there issued my tickets, got on train just in time to York, I walked to place where I see Lyn which was about 10 mins or would have been if I had not gone wrong a bit on way, so I did a bit of extra walking never mind should be easier next time.
I checked to make sure I was on the right train, I felt silly but if I had got on wrong one I would have felt sillier.
Lyn was really pleased with me, after we went to deli down road and I got a takeaway (healthy) meal and sat on bench eating it and then went into art gallery café to warm up with a cuppa and then had a bit of a look round there, a bit boring though, decided had enough and back to station.

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Web Blog

I am finding the blog
interesting look up the article on worry
It is so true I waste so much time and energy worrying, I am a real pessimist at times I am going to follow the tips on dealing with worry. I would love to not be a worrier anymore, wow that would be so good!
These sections are good too and food for thought!

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Trip to London

Just back from trip to London to see family, I did not really want to go but I decided it would be good to have a break, if stay at home won't be doing much anyway but at least there I would be forced to do things. (When I say forced I don't mean literally made to but encouraged might be a better word) We only decided on the day (wed) if we were going as dad is sick and so he decided he was not going day before so we were thinking to stay home too but mum wanted to go so thought it was best we went too. On Thursday we went out around 1.30pm we parked the car at the Strand and walked all the way to Leicester Square, my legs did not ache either, we stopped to watch new year's parade on the way and then went for a meal in Italian and then to cinema to see Yes Man. We got home around 9pm so a long time but really fun so I was not drained!
I had a couple of late nights after 11ish which is not good for me at all but no pressure to get up early so it did not matter. I had a bad reaction to my brother's after shave in the car, I felt really sick, perhaps a mixture of car sickness and the smell so I had to have window open, was fine later once I got some fresh air!
It was a nice trip and I coped well despite having PMT. I did not get ratty with anyone, well no more than usual anyway. They might disagree though. Back home I've had some ME time as need to recharge my batteries. I will get back into things on Monday. On thursday I am going to get the train to York for my RT appointment, my therapist wanted me to try and get there on my own, normally hubby takes me and he has to come out of work so not ideal. Plus he has to wait a good hour or so for my session too, not that he minds but seems a bit silly when I could go alone.
I won't be driving there not yet anyway as the car is not up to much atm and not got the confidence yet.