Saturday, 6 June 2009


I went back to the gym today after a couple of weeks not getting there, I decided to try the sat am pilates class as I was up early for once lol it went well, got talking to an elderly lady and told her I was recovering from ME and explained how I find the gym helps me, though I struggle with the classes other than pilates. I decided to try pilates on the ball, I actually managed to stay on the ball today, but made sure I stayed at level 1 as though I could have probably done level 2 I thought it was pushing it a bit and I want to feel boosted by the session not worn out.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009


I just blogged a whole page and it's disappeared arrgggh!!!
Not typing it all again now!!
Am doing well by the way I finished Rt after 7 sessions I felt it was time to call it a day as I could not get any further or learn any more and I wanted to get down to putting it all into practise and just living now I have a life again. I don't regret doing it for one minute as I have changed so much I have a much more positive outlook on life and see where I was going wrong in the past, I am able to plan things more now without worrying will I be okay on the day as I figure even if I am not ok then it will do me good anyway as not doing stuff just makes me worse anyway and more depressed as I feel my illness is stopping me living. I have seen that exercise and ME do mix and that is actually makes me feel good if not too strenuous, I went to the local gym and signed up for a few sessions, I have only managed 3 so far, I tried the circuit training which was really too much, but got thrown in at the deep end as me and a friend went for an induction and tried out the machines next thing we were in a class of ladies who had been going for months, so you can imagine how hard that was and the instructor did not know we had literally just joined the gym so she was pushing us on and I kept saying I can't! I ached for a few days afterwards which of course is perfectly understandable, I tried the hoops, bands and a balls class which was hysterical, I could not keep the hoop up you had to do it for 15 minutes and move around the room too imagine! And the ball well I could not stay on it so nearly ended up on my head, I could not stop laughing! I will have to find a class which is more suitable like Pilates but so far not much success as they are not at convenient times, but I am sure something will work out. I have also seen the importance of speaking up if I need to, I stand up for myself more these days and don't allow myself to churn inside as it's just a matter of dealing with things as they come up rather than holding onto hurt, stress etc which only brings on symptoms. So I am a much better person and cope better. Bring it on!!!