Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Hectic Time

Been planning by Brother's wedding for past month or so and it's been hectic, finally got my life back!
But now I have deflated feeling, all that build up and then the event is over.
I have to find something new to organise so am planning a table top sale in August for some friends, there seems a lot of interest so let's hope it works out okay on the day.
One think I am surprised at is how well I coped with it all the party was a real undertaking, up to 100 guests, I had to track many down as it had been years since my Brother was in touch with them so that a feat in itself and then I made the invites too.  I did not have long to plan it all as it was a bit of a whirlwind thing.  I also planned a band of young ones who really made the night.  It got everyone on the dance floor, we even had barn dancing (not my idea by the way) and that was a laugh.  The clearing up was the worst and poor mum had a house like a bomb had hit in afterwards.  Anyway it was worth it as everyone said how well it went and I got some praise for my organising skills so i got a good sense of achievement in it too. 
I am very tired now though it hit me like a tonne of bricks on Monday.  On Saturday we went out to countryside with some of the visitors and then on Sunday we had a couple of relatives round too and so I did not get to rest till Monday.  Then we still have family here till July 13th but it is nice as not had chance to get to know my SIL really as she is from New York.