Sunday, 27 May 2012


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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Blood test results

Got my results for the blood tests and found they are all normal, I am not diabetic, I do not have low iron, I do not have thyroid problems, I do not have coeliac disease, so I am relieved and to celebrate I had 6 pieces of chocolate last night:) I still need to see the figures though as I don't take their word for it as I know you can be borderline and they say you are normal especially when it comes to thyroid but it's good to rule other stuff out from time to time as if it's something you can do something about it's better than ME.

Daily Mail Article on ME

ME Awareness Day is May 12th
It makes me a little depressed as I still have ME 17 years on
Here is an article in Daily Mail which I feel does us justice
Please spare a few minutes to read it and hopefully you will have a renewed understanding of ME and be less judgemental and more sympathetic to those who suffer.