Monday, 13 May 2013

ME awareness

Well it was International ME/CFS awareness day yesterday and it is this time of year we reflect on the illness and how it has impacted on our lives and those of our friends and family. 17 years on I was diagnosed in December 1997 six months after getting married I have never been housebound or bedbound so am fortunate that way but it hasn't been easy and I feel cheated out of a lot of things.
I feel as if maybe I could have done more than I have and sometimes I regret letting the illness control my life but in other ways it has taught me I have inner strength and courage and it has enabled to have empathy for others suffering. And my faith has helped a lot as it were not my belief that there will be a cure for the illness in the future then I might have given up on life totally. I will be 44 this month and I have lost 17 years to this illness which cannot be regained. To everyone reading this post please never take your health for granted eat well and live life to the full but do not burn the candle at both ends or you may live to regret it. Prior to ME I had a full active life and working now my life is very restricted and I only wish I had recognised time to rest and recuperate as I all I seem to do is rest and recuperate. But I am able to work though it is only network marketing it gives me a sense of self worth and achievement which I was lacking an it helps me to feel a little more useful and part of things. Tomorrow I attend a ladies network meeting for the first time it will drain me mentally and physically but will do wonders for my confidence and self esteem so it is important I do it. This photo was taken recently at a friends wedding I was really I'll as I had a chest infection but thankfully I can carry off the 'I don't look ill look' but you should have seen me end of the day!

Friday, 10 May 2013


Well it is that time year again and we all try to promote awareness of ME
I cannot think of anything particular but it has been a rough year for me due to some very difficult personal experiences I have to deal with which has increased my stress levels and depression and it has taken its toll on my health.
I found this picture on facebook which I think well describes ME.