Friday, 28 January 2011

New car:)

I got a new car it's a Honda Jazz automatic I had a Peugeot 206 which lasted me 3 years but it became such a pain due to automatic gear box going dicky and it would flash and then I would have to pull up and restart the car for ages so when hubby got a bonus and said I could get a new car of course I had to say YES.
Because I never dare drive my last car very far then I have to regain my confidence in driving.
today I had a drive and it was really busy traffic but it was great and I also have a nice cd radio now I did not have a working one in my old car. 

Thursday, 27 January 2011

The basket method

I got this suggestion for a Yahoo Group I am in called Clutter Help

"Fill the Basket, Empty the Basket" strategy.

Here is what you do:

1) Pick a spot in the room in a size you think you could manage. 1ft by 1ft

for example, or 1 box, or tthe desks surface, or 1 drawer.

2) Pick up everything from that spot and put it in the basket so that the

spot is completely empty

3) Go into a different room or even the garden if you have to and put the

basket down.

4) Pick 1 item out of the basket and really look at it. Then ask the following questions:

1) Is it rubbish?

Yes - walk to the bin and throw it in the trash right now.

No - Go to step 2

2) Do I need it?

No - Go to Step 3

Yes - Go to Step 4

3) Can it be given away / donated?

Yes - Get an empty plastic grocery bag, but the item in it and write the

person's name or place it is going to on the back.

No - Throw it in the trash right now.

4) Does this item fit into my ideal home?

Yes - Take it to the place it will go in your ideal home and put it there.

Even if the area is a mess, this is where that item belongs from now on.

No - Go to Step 3

Repeat the process for every item in the basket. Then go and get another

basket. Try to do 1 new basket a day. Every day go to that area you have

cleaned and do a quick tidy of that area using the basket method.