Sunday, 7 February 2010

Time to move on.....

I am fed up of allowing my ME to control me I have got back into that awful trap again, with the SAD and also the weather I have been stuck in most of the time and that only makes me dwell on negativity.
The hormones don't help either!  I have a lot of anger and resentment about the past and I am trying to blame others for why I am ill when in reality it is my view of it all that is making me ill.  I can either carry on in this thought pattern and stay ill or can get me out of it and get well.  That is the harsh reality. 
When I think more positive I can actually feel my body heaving a huge sigh of relief almost as if it saying at last you get me!!!  How empowering that is, and my body says give me more give me more.
I must give it more by doing more, getting out more even if that might be on my own which I hate but at least I am not stuck inside rotting away!  Keep you posted.......

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Elizabeth Braun said...

Sounds very sensible what you've put in your last few posts. Good hunting with that too! Remember the old saying: If you fall on the ice, it's the ice's fault. If you *stay* on the ice, it's your own fault. It's fine to have and deal with negative emotions, but if we stay with them beyond their useful period, then we start to hurt ourselves.

Take care!=) xxx