Thursday, 4 November 2010

Are you a hoarder?

Am making a little headway which is great the book I have No More Clutter by Sue Kay (highly recommended) says you should start off small and work up or if you have a huge amount of clutter you can easily become overwhelmed with it.  I did want to sort the spare room but then I think the living room is a better place to start as that is somewhere that really needs to be tidy.  I actually avoid people coming round and would rather meet them out than have them see the mess so it really needs changing.  But small steps is the way as I am the type of person (highly driven) who wants everything done now.  So far I have sorted my make up bag and got rid of half of it I use natural make-up and it doesn't last as long as others and half of it was out of date which I had been using.  I also took out of the bedroom two chairs which are clutter areas but then last night it was a tricky one tyring to find where to put the clothes for last night so I did bring one chair back in for now anyway, if it keeps piling up it is definitely going.  If you just do ten minutes a day then you can achieve a lot.  Deal with the post as it comes in resist the urge to just put it out of sight but it is not out of mind. I got really mad today our boiler needs servicing and I was hunting through piles of papers on my husbands' filing cabinet which are waiting to be shredded or filed.  He is also a messy one like me.
I am hoping my new found good habits will rub off eventually.  Hope so do the clutter test to see if you need to deal with clutter. 
Time how long it takes to get hold of these common items:
1. your passport
2. the spare house door key
3. your doctor's phone number
4. your last bank statement
5. an envelope and stamp
Less than 5 minutes to find the lot? Then you are decluttered and efficiently organised.  Ask yourself how stressful it felt.  Do you think you could improve on your time?  De cluttering experts vary on whether they think we should find things in 30 seconds or a minute.  More than 5 minutes? Chances are you are already wasting time on a daily basis looking for things you have lost.

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