Friday, 3 December 2010

Serrapeptase - week 3

I have noticed a difference with Serrapeptase I only take one or two per day of the 20,000 iu strength once I have used them I will change to the 80,000 strength but I prefer to take it slower as I know I usually get detox symptoms.  I have noticed better breathing my nose feel much clearer which is a big relief as that troubles me a lot especially at night. I just got the book from Amazon which looks very interesting.
It;s a bit hard to tell though this time of year as I am usually drained with the SAD anyway so I will know better once weather brightens up and I do.


_ said...

How's the Serrapeptase going? I'm just finishing week 1 (to treat 6cm fibroid). I take 1 at 6am, 1 at 2pm, & 1 at 10pm (all on an empty stomach, 2 hours after eating lunch / dinner). I bought Doctor's Best at (coupon XOP398 for $5 off!). My doctor thinks it's all b.s. - hope my tests in a few months prove otherwise!!! -B

Jane said...

I actually have ran out I was taking Solaray ones which I buy from Nutricentre in the UK. I was feeling a bit weird recently so thought I would give them a break to see if I notice any difference without them and if I do I might restart them. They help me in some ways but then seem to make me feel toxic and i was getting headaches which is very unusual for me. Other week I had them every day for a week. Not sure if there is a connection but I wanted to see if I they go without them.
My SIL was taking them for fibroids but unfortunately she was having bleeding so had to stop them incase it then that were causing it she is due to have her fibroids removed they were too big to shrink unfortunately.