Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Feeling Dreadful

One word Dreadful describes how I feel just now, I am supposed to be doing more but the weather is dreadful too (ice and snow) so I just want to stay home, besides I don't like driving at best of times nevermind now. I also have this awful PMT and it's dragging on this time so now I am going through the whirlwind of emotions of could I be pregnant as generally I am not late.
I should do my body mind technique and some pilates today as I have got out of it a bit since I last went for RT. It's hard with the SAD to motivate myself. I made some plans though for the craft group I went into local fire station to look at a room there and was able to book it for January so just to ask people now I already have asked quite a few to see if enough interest and I think I could easily get 20 people, that is how many the room seats and it is enough anyway. I hope it does not get round the cong then everyone wants to come, at least I have an excuse with the size of the room, the great thing it is free and so takes any pressure off regarding will people turn up or not, other places were £40 which was not bad but they were in old people's homes and they seemed a bit concerned about the furniture. So am really happy now and looking forward to January.

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