Monday, 8 December 2008

Stressed out!

I've lapsed with my treatment, I hope to get back into it now as I've noticed a difference since I've not done it. Yesterday I decided to go for a walk, had a little jog too and felt better afterwards. It just shows that exercise does make you feel better even if you feel exhausted prior to it. It is hard to get out of the thinking that it can make you worse. I am going to do accupressure exercises regularly now as it really helps and I need to find ways of exercising other than outdoors with it been cold I find it hard to get myself out. I have been really stressed about dad he has to have further tests for his throat and he has a pre-cancerous condition (Barratt's oesophagus) I looked up about it and it did not help really as I am the type of person who thinks of the worst (take after dad!) so hopefully it can be treated, though I doubt it will stop dad smoking or drinking. He stopped smoking for about 6 months when he was going through radiotherapy but then when he got the all-clear he started again, on cigars though he thinks they aren't actually smoking! I will have to accept the fact he has made a choice in life though I do not like it of course it might help me stop stressing so much. Back to the body-mind techniques ......

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