Saturday, 28 March 2009


Well been a month or so since I blogged things going okay been doing pilates weekly, it's with a physio and only about 6-8 in the class so much more suited for me, hubby has gone with me too.
Last week it was hurting my thighs and calves so I could not do it all, one guy who has knee replacement said he did not know who was in more pain me or him! But next day I was fine no aching and I noticed it was only really the first session that I had quite a bit of aching afterwards, rest I've not had so shows it's getting easier. The course goes from beginners to advanced in 6 weeks, we have just 2 more to go. I am trying to do it at home too I can recommend dvd by Lynne Robinson she is really good. I even manage to use a stepper too which we have at home.
I want to keep it up after the course I might not continue there as it's not that near and prefer to go during the day than evenings. I think I might cope with another class better now I've had more experience. Sometimes I can hardly believe I am managing it when I think how little I did before, it just shows you what you can achieve if you don't let head mind worry block you.
I am also getting out more, shopping, socialising etc and it feels good. I still get awful hormonal problems but my food intolerances seems to have improved a bit, so I can eat bread a couple of times a week without too much of a reaction. Plus I have enjoyed a chocolate muffin or two which was really yummy! Still I don't want to get into eating junk though it's nice to be able to eat more stuff now and makes life easier for eating out etc. I have had some good news about a friend who has very severe ME and has been housebound for about a year and has started RT with the same therapist at me and she is getting out of the house so that has really boosted me to hear that it can help even someone in that situation. Even friends who have not seen a therapist who I have been talking to have been putting some things into practise and seen improvements. I am still having therapy not sure how much longer I will need it but trying not to stress over how many sessions I have had or how much it's costing I know I have to keep on with it as I've come so far and I've a lot further I want to go, my next session is on April 23rd.

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