Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Not well but things looking up ......

Right time for a bit of an update. I had my fifth RT session on 12th of Feb, as I had been ill for the previous few weeks I had not progressed very much so Lyn gave me the motivation I needed to get cracking again. As she said there is no point me going back in 5 weeks and not having moved on much at all, so she suggested I contact her in a couple of weeks to tell her how things are going. I have not been well at all lately, one thing after another I've had a strange rash on my face and neck and my face was burning up rang NHS direct and they said it sounded like slapped cheek disease of all things!! No idea how I got that, my skin is healing now thankfully so am not quite as embarassed in public. I went to pilates class other week, it was only my old school friend who was the instructor who I have not seen in years, I went on my own so it was good as it put me at ease there was someone I knew. I found it hard keeping up with the old ladies, one lady when doing the hamstring stretch told me to straighten my leg, which I did with a bit of agony bad idea as for a few days after I had terrible hip and leg pain so now i know to avoid that part or at least not push it. I decided it was best to look out for a beginners class and I've signed up for a 6 weeks course with a lady who is a physiotherapist and runs small groups of up to 12 ladies and I start next Wednesday evening. It's fairly local so I might be able to drive myself there, just not sure of the directions as yet. So perhaps first time I'll go with hubby and he'll wait around at nearby pub perhaps. At least everyone will be at my level not like other class where most had been going for months. Though I have done it at home using my dvd it's not the same is it? So am looking forward to that as I know when I do it it does help boost my energy.

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