Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Decluttering update

Working on decluttering the living room as I know that I can't tackle the worst room in the house first.
Every time I try I just get overwhelmed and stressed out and tend to move stuff around rather than deal with it.  The experts say not to start on the worst room to start off smaller and build up to the bigger stuff.
We have reorganised the room and got rid of a tall bookcase which was a real clutter spot.
We got a new tv stand one of those glass ones (only trouble is now you see all the wires which we did not have with the old one) but we will get used to it.  the old stand has gone to back of the room and it looks better as you do not see all the cds like before.  Here is a photo of the bookcase so you can see how bad it was

Here is what is in this space now much better:) this is what we had in the front room as a tv stand
Here is the front of the room now we have a new tv stand

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Dorcas said...

Like your new small case so much better!!