Wednesday, 16 February 2011

What a week I have had!

For a long time I have been getting a problem which I have just lived with I get an itching and also a small lump in my backside which makes it difficult to sit but it usually goes away within a few days and it's normally around my period time so I just put it down to hormones.  Anyway last Wednesday think it was I got a lump and just got bigger and bigger and it was so painful and red and looked infected, I had family visiting so I delayed going to the doctors till Monday.  As soon as I mentioned it she said it sounded like pilonidal cyst but when she examined me she said it was more superficial but said do you want to prick it with a pin I stupidly said yes becuase I thought if it was popped it would feel such relief but it made it worse and I not sure I how I managed to drive home it was agony.  Later I was in tears and crying out with pain and I could only sit on my side or lay down for days since I had the boil/s and then it was even worse.  The doctor put me on antibiotics.  I have not take anti biotics for years and I hate taking them so I walked round (or should I say limped round) town a bit before I decided to get my prescription.  I googled it and it came up with pilonidal cyst this site is good for into
and when I asked on the forum they seemed to think it was a pilonidal cyst.  I was not convinced with the doctors diagnosis but then I also did not want to think I had pilonidal cyst as it sounds horrendous and they say surgery is the only option as it keeps flaring up otherwise.  So I have to resist reading all the horror stories as hopefully it will go away and not return.
I used magnesium sulphate paste to draw out the boil/s and a hot water bottle over the area.
When I went to the loo just before bed it seemed to make them burst and a lot of stinking bloody pus came out and I was almost sick!  But I did feel slightly less pain and when I woke up and had a bath in epsom salts which is supposed to help with the pain of boils (you can also use that to make a paste to draw out the boil)
I still have a small boil which has not burst yet and so I am hoping the paste will help it I must remember the hot water bottle as that seemed to do the trick before.

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