Monday, 1 August 2011

Will I ever learn?!

On Saturday me and my hubby and my niece and two other girls went to do this event
Well it was a really hot day and I had put on a long sleeved t-shirt thinking I would need it and then had to put  the charity t-shirt on top so I was boiling, we did a warm up of Zumba which I have never done and is not very ME friendly to say the least (even Pilates is strenuous for me) then we did the record attempt of 1 minute bouncing on the space hoppers, think there were around 700 people that did it. But after that there was an optional attempt of 200 yards bounce round the field, well I decided to try for it along with hubby when he said I am stopping I realised I had way over-done it and my eyes went all blurry and I had to go and sit on the grass and my hubby got me some water which helped and my eyes gradually cleared and I could stand up.
My dad has terminal cancer and I wanted to give something back to help the cause, I should have least got sponsored to do it doh, maybe next year
Here is me pre-bounce:)

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