Saturday, 3 January 2009

Trip to London

Just back from trip to London to see family, I did not really want to go but I decided it would be good to have a break, if stay at home won't be doing much anyway but at least there I would be forced to do things. (When I say forced I don't mean literally made to but encouraged might be a better word) We only decided on the day (wed) if we were going as dad is sick and so he decided he was not going day before so we were thinking to stay home too but mum wanted to go so thought it was best we went too. On Thursday we went out around 1.30pm we parked the car at the Strand and walked all the way to Leicester Square, my legs did not ache either, we stopped to watch new year's parade on the way and then went for a meal in Italian and then to cinema to see Yes Man. We got home around 9pm so a long time but really fun so I was not drained!
I had a couple of late nights after 11ish which is not good for me at all but no pressure to get up early so it did not matter. I had a bad reaction to my brother's after shave in the car, I felt really sick, perhaps a mixture of car sickness and the smell so I had to have window open, was fine later once I got some fresh air!
It was a nice trip and I coped well despite having PMT. I did not get ratty with anyone, well no more than usual anyway. They might disagree though. Back home I've had some ME time as need to recharge my batteries. I will get back into things on Monday. On thursday I am going to get the train to York for my RT appointment, my therapist wanted me to try and get there on my own, normally hubby takes me and he has to come out of work so not ideal. Plus he has to wait a good hour or so for my session too, not that he minds but seems a bit silly when I could go alone.
I won't be driving there not yet anyway as the car is not up to much atm and not got the confidence yet.

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