Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Aerobics, what with ME???!

I have been a bit of a misery guts so rather than inflict that on you I kept it to myself for past few weeks. (I only wish my DH would have done so!) I've had a bad virus and had no energy for much at all so all my good intentions went out of the window and I became very headmindy I saw the proof that when you aren't having fun doing things etc the worry sets in again, but gave me the incentive to get back to the rt again and start doing stuff. I've been looking into if there is a pilates class locally can't find out so I decided to get cracking myself at home, I got a dvd designed for pregnant women, figured this would be gentle approach for me, it is pretty intensive all the same, I am on the first trimester exercises, I am planning to do them several times per week, they do make my muscles ache, am using muscles I had forgotten I had. I felt drained before I did them and feel better now. It gives me such a boost. I just need to stop procrastinating and get on with things. I am done with procrastinating, it only makes me frustrated and bad about myself. Last night me and DH went for a walk in the thick snow, it brought back memories of childhood, we aimed snow at each other like big kids it was fun though

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