Sunday, 18 January 2009

Craft Aft

Well Friday was when I'd arranged the craft aft at local fire station as I mentioned in previous post. I was not in the mood but I had up to 20 people I'd invited so could not let them down and knew it would take my mind off how dreadful I felt. Plus I had been looking forward to it too for a month. I was so glad I did not cancel there was about 13 people came, ranging in age from 5 months old to 70! Some brought knitting others sewing, I took card stash so I could demo some card things and a couple wanted to do that so I showed them how to do a card and they did one they were happy they had done it and said it was nothing like as complicated as they had thought it would be, despite them doing an advanced technique that I only just tried first time other day! It was 1-4pm I was glad to get home as was ready for a rest by then. I have booked it monthly for the year so something nice to look forward to:)
I've had a hacking cough this weekend which has prevented me from sleeping so feeling rough but looking forward to getting into my exercise routine and thinking of going to local gym, can't remember how many years since I ever stepped in a gym, a friend told me she has just joined and so I thought why not go along, I probably won't be joining though at £20/month

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