Sunday, 23 November 2008

My First Session of Reverse Therapy

November 14th 2008
My first session went well, Lyn is really nice and friendly and put me at ease which of course is vital for this type of therapy, I went in feeling stressed out as we were in a rush and I thought I would be late plus the worry of going as well. During the session I started to calm down. We went back to before I got ill and what was going on in my life then and how I could have dealt with the events at the time better by listening to body mind and not head mind. It took me some time to work it out as it is a new way of thinking for me, or should I say tuning into my body. I realised if I had spoke up in a constructive way at the time then I could have avoided all the stress that has gone for years, every time I think about those situations or any situation that I go through now which takes me back to those events. So it's about moving on and learning to listen to body mind, it's about finding joy, fun and fulfillment in DAILY life, so if I feel bored, sad, lonely I need to attune to my body and take action and then my symptoms should start to decrease. This could mean I no longer am ill and that I am able to live again. Been the type of person I am I want to get it all now but I must be patient as it may take time. At least now I have the tools to move forward which is a huge relief. I go again in a fortnight so I have a lot to work on and practise meanwhile. I feel so calm today and dare I say I even slept better, not sure but seemed to.
I have a CD to listen to twice a day with the key principles of the therapy to get them in my head (or body!)

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