Sunday, 23 November 2008

Things are changing

I am setting things in motion as I am tuning into my bodymind I am acting on it at long last, now I have the tools to move forward for the first time ever. I have made plans to start painting going to an art class with a friend tomorrow, feel a bit anxious as it's like going into the wide world again after so long of not doing stuff out of fear of getting worse. My headmind is saying it will be too tiring, how will I cope with the smell of the paints and perfume (due to MCS) and maybe I should just try it at home. But then bodymind is saying no go for it, how hard can it be, if you don't like it there is no need to go again but until you try you may never know. Sometimes the fear is worse than the reality. I tend to build things up into huge unreachable things but when I reason things out they seem much less daunting. I was unable to do that prior to starting RT. So that is one positive. Plus I had some friends round other afternoon to make cards, we did not make any cards but had a great laugh and chat and it was 8pm before I got home after dropping a friend home. I have been getting up at 7am every day, unlike before 8.30-9am so that is a change, don't feel as if I am sleeping better but maybe I am. I am unable to not have my usual afternoon nap yet but think that might come later. I also started doing Pilates exercises other day using a dvd and plan to do it every morning.

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