Friday, 28 November 2008

Second Session

November 27th 2008

My second session went well, Lyn was really impressed with my progress in just a fortnight, I am getting more fun in my daily life and that is really the best way to reduce symptoms.
I went to an art class, started doing pilates at home, had a card party for friends, went for a few meals out and feel I am starting to at last get a life. You have to record situations that come up and how you use the messages you are given on your session (they are unique to you and only you know them you cannot tell anyone what they are) I told Lyn I was finding I was just doing things without reading my messages I thought I was doing things wrong but she said good! That shows I am getting the process and I am connecting with body-mind and also turning down head-mind. Now if I am worried and my mind is going round and round I stop and do my body mind technique just did it now and the difference it makes is amazing, I was feeling really drained ready for a nap but instead I did my body mind technique and now I am ready to go out to the shops. I had the same experience other week with exhaustion, I did some pilates and I felt energized and did not need to nap, I never thought I would get out of my daily naps but seems it might be possible. I am bit worn out though from yesterday the sessions do take it out of you, we left home at 2pm and got back at 6.30 so quite a long time really plus the emotions come out in the session and so that can be wearing too. I will go again in a fortnight and then it might get longer between sessions, like a month and then 6 weeks depending on how things go.

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