Sunday, 23 November 2008

so far so good

November 17th 2008
So far it's going okay, I did more over weekend, I was even ready for going out at 11am which is unlike me normally it's 2pm and by that time Mark has done shopping (he goes at 7am!) and been for a long walk had a nap etc by the time I'm anywhere near going anywhere. I dragged him to the shops and it turned out there was a guy from X-factor coming for a signing there (Austin Drage) there was a massive queue of fans and I joined the crowd not to get an autograph but just to see be a part of the excitement, felt like a teenager again! I overdid though, not I was there too long but I did too much of the same thing so I did feel drained. I should have listened to my body which was giving me symptoms to tell me I needed to change what I was doing. Oh well I am not going to beat myself up over it but see it as a learning curve. Only this time I am going to learn from it rather than let it happen over and over again like in the past. I have used my techniques from the session to help me deal with stressful situations over the weekend, there are usual some aren't they? It did not involve me speaking out but it helped me calm down so it saved a reaction which could have led to more stress and more symptoms for much longer. So that is positive, it's good to ahve a way of dealing with situations which does actually deal with them and not bury them to just resurface again and again. I learned a profound thing from a CD I borrowed on my first session which I wrote down to remind me and recorded it on my mobile to remind me too so when I am out I can listen to it depending where I am of course WE DON'T GET SYMPTOMS BECAUSE WE HAVE DONE TOO MUCH, WE ONLY GET SYMPTOMS IF WE HAVE DONE TOO MUCH OF ONE THING wow simple yet so profound. That would explain why been on the computer a logn time (which is one of my pitfalls) makes me really drained but when I have changed that by doing it in shorter spells like in last few days I have not felt drained. I think I will have my nap now though I don't think I am well enough not to nap yet I still get that slump after lunch and get really ratty if I don't have a nap so here I go bye for now.

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