Wednesday, 19 May 2010

How shocking can you feel?!!

My friend came with her little boy he looked white as a sheet and he ended up filling his nappy and stinking out my living room!  Anyway that was Wednesday then on Sunday night I was on and off the loo all night with the runs.  It was so wearing as not getting much sleep on top of ME is dreadful as those with ME know well.
I also have like a blockage in my gullet, get this time to time usually when I eat what I shouldn't like wheat I did have bit of a wheat binge at weekend as I indulged in a pizza which I thoroughly enjoyed at the time anyway I feel so fed up and uncomfy.  I was supposed to have workmen coming today to fit us an outside tap and a thermostat but had to cancel.  I also have my craft group on Friday which I hope I can make but if I don't feel a lot better by then I can't.  I hate this 'life' and I just hope things pick up soon or not sure what I will do.  Cope I suppose like I have done for the last 15 years what more can you do ......

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