Saturday, 15 May 2010

Shop till you drop

How tiring is shopping?! My brother gets married in June so I needed a new dress.
I went with mum she is 72 and is like superwoman well maybe not as much as she used to be but still is fitter than I am.  I thought I would go later than I would not have much time but that was a bad idea as it was too pressured and I did not get chance to stop for a break which I should have done.
I tried around 10 dresses on which is tiring in itself but the fact that none of them fit me right, one bright pink dress in Monsoon was sooooo beautiful but was tight round my ribs I figured after the wedding meal I would be bursting at the seams so decided against it plus the price tag was a bit high.  So will have to go back next week now as I dont' want to leave it till the last minute as I usually do plus we are planning the food so that will need sorted the week before.  Not long now it is exciting they get married in the US but the wedding reception is near us we have around 100 people coming it will be a great night

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