Sunday, 9 May 2010

ME Awareness

ME/CFS Awareness
I want to raise awareness of ME as it's ME Awareness month.
Many people have no clue what it's like to have ME.
I wrote this poem in 1997 but sadly it still applies and it's now 2010
Such is 'life' with ME
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The Difficult Road of M.E.

M.E is an illness,
That defies all belief,
Searching for a cause
And just a little relief.
Putting on a cheery face,
Trying to show you cope,
When you're dying inside,
Desperate for hope.
You don't want to depress,
Your friends so dear,
Yet you yearn for a caress
And shed many a tear.
You think "How long?"
It seems out of sight,
You battle on frustrated,
This never-ending fight.
People say they're tired,
You cannot sympathize,
You think if they only knew,
The sadness in your eyes.
You feel nobody understands,
The burden you must bear,
If they do not question,
You feel they cannot care.
Trying to look beyond,
Your present affliction,
Yet it drags you down,
Like an addiction.
You crave sleep,
So relaxing and sound,
You go to bed exhausted
Yet cannot settle down.
You think you'll invite,
Some friends for a meal,
But just the thought,
Makes it seem an ordeal.
You live with the guilt,
Of not earning any pay,
Your spouse says it's alright,
But it doesn't go away.
You cannot imagine,
In your wildest dreams,
Regaining your health,
So out of reach it seems.
Your muscles ache,
Like you have the flu,
You could go crazy,
With nothing to do.
Accepting your illness,
Is the key to the fight,
Yet you cannot look back
And forget your plight.
You must look ahead,
To the future, maybe near,
When you can live again,
How you wish it was here.
Although you may never,
Recover your former zest,
At least then you'd appreciate,
c. J.Andrews


Ellephantastic Cards and Crafts said...

What an awesome poem hun, so true & has everything in it. Can I show it off to people? I will of course credit you for it. It describes us so well much better than I can when people aks me!!
H x

Jane said...

of course feel free that is why I wrote it as it's way of getting the frustration out

kissmestreet said...

This poem is awesome... it really leaves a mark on my mind.. :)

Anonymous said...

so well said, well done!

Dominique said...

I really loved your poem. I tend to like and write poems that rhyme myself.

There is something powerful about poems. They are able to touch deep within our souls.

Cervantes once said that the pen was the tongue of the mind. I would hazard a guess, that for those of us living with ME/CFIDS/FMS, it is the tongue of the heart and soul as well.

Thank you for sharing it with us.

greenwords said...

Hi Jane! Thank you for sharing your poem with us, and for blogging to help raise awareness.

johnz said...

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