Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Got a cold

I woke up Monday with my shoulders aching and sore throat, I knew it was only a matter of time as hubby has had it for a week now and parents have it too. Anyway I decided not to get really stressed and head-mindy about it, how bad I feel etc etc as I know that only increases the feeling. So I dosed my self up with garlic, lemon, ginger and honey tea and echineacea and goldenseal tincture. I ran out of Olive leaf extract I take that all the time and it seems to help ward off things. Anyway I also got my acupressure book I can highly recommend it - Acupressure How to Cure Common Ailments the Natural Way by Michael Reed Gach - get your copy now it's a fantastic book and there seems to be something to help everything in there and it does work too! I did some points when I was up in the night and when I woke up this morning I felt improved.
I actually have the 1990 copy but see there is an updated one now. I also use it for PMT and periods I plan to do it daily then 3 times a day the week before it does seem to take the edge of the hormones and the pain. I also do it during to help my menstrual pain rather than taking pain killers which I hate to take unless absolutely necessary.

I hope I am okay by Friday as I have organised a craft group for up to 20 people at local fire station I would hate to let everyone down

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Anonymous said...

So glad to read your blog and see how things are going and that your health is improving. Keep going. Congratulations on getting to York by train. Hope this is the start of you getting out more.