Saturday, 10 January 2009

Just to say

I am not going to blog much as Lyn says I need to concentrate on getting myself well before trying to help others but I will blog from time to time to give you updates, assuming someone is reading this!!! I still need to get to grips with expressing my emotions, it's hard to know what to say so sometimes I don't say things as I feel it is easier to not do so I need to work out how to say things in the right way. This is central to the therapy so if I can't do it then it won't work as it should. The other aspects are really all side issues to it, though they are vital too they are not as vital as the expressing emotions. I also need to keep finding new fun things to do in my day and work towards my goal of either going back to work or finding a way of making a bit of money at home, I want to try and design some things for crafters as this is my passion so I know I would enjoy doing it. It would also be easy money without draining me of too much energy then I can concentrate on what I love most.

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