Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Staying in Bodymind

This is the hardest part for me to master as it takes real effort to motivate yourself to do it and it's a constand battle against head-mind but when I do it it does help so much and I know it's the key to recovery. If you download the free info from the RT site I highly recommend it as if at present you don't feel ready to go for the therapy or perhaps you are unable to afford it then at least you can be trying it out for free!
I personally feel that it is essential to see a therapist you get the support and encouragement to put it into practise and also in the beginning to know what your specific messages are that are unique to you I would never have worked it this out for myself. Think of how much money you have spent so far on therapies that only seem to scratch the surface and think you potentially only need 4-6 sessions at £80 per time to recover, no other therapy has that potential that I know of anyway so I think it is money well worth spending. Previous therapies I've tried such as Osteopathy take months and months and then it seems unless you keep going you tend to go downhill again. RT gives you the tools to get well and it's just about using them, it is empowering that you can have such control over your illness without just popping a vitamin pill or having a massage. That in itself gives you the motivation to continue. Though I do feel you need to be ready for it as it requires change and challenging long-held false beliefs of the way to get well or manage your illness.

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